A Jazzin’ Sunday in Town | Sunday, July 14, 2019

The weekend ends on a high “note” on Sunday, July 14, 2019, when the Town of Leonardtown once again will host various jazz-themed activities, including jazz brunches and other activities around town.

Some activities include (check back often; more activities added weekly!):

  • Jazz Brunches at several locations
    • The Front Porch Restaurant
    • The Rex Restaurant
  • Social Coffeehouse & Speakeasy: Jazz Cocktail Party and screening of a jazz-themed or classic jazz-age film
  • root SUP & Fitness Studio: Jazz fitness classes
  • Port of Leonardtown Winery: Local winery and agricultural cooperative will host jazz-themed wine tastings at their tasting room
  • Shepherd’s Old Field Market: An afternoon jazz event featuring local jazz artists and other activities at Shepherds Old Field Market, an historic warehouse and hardware store rehabbed into an indoor marketplace and community gathering space that contains shops, a deli, coffee shop, beer garden, winery and more.
  • St. Mary’s Arts Council at the Leonardtown Arts Center: Jazz-themed art show Friday and all month long
  • North End Gallery: A month-long show called “JaZZitUP!”
  • Social Coffeehouse & Speakeasy: Featured jazz-themed cocktails all month long
  • After Parties: Following the concert, the fun continues at Old Towne Pub and Social Coffeehouse & Speakeasy, who will be hosting jazz-themed after-parties.