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Are you a member of the media and looking for information regarding the event? We are happy to help with any information for stories, features or other coverage, including providing photos, details, interviewees, or info about how you as a member of the media can attend the event.

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Past Media Coverage & Mentions

Baltimore Sun – July 2002

Baltimore Magazine – July 2015

Washingtonian – June 2016

PropTalk Magazine – June 2017

Metro Montage – July 2017

USA Today – March 2018

TheBayNet – June 2018

Chesapeake Bay Magazine – June 2018

Southern Maryland News Net – July 2018

Recreation News – June 2019

CBS Baltimore – July 2019

Fox Baltimore – July 2019

Old Town Crier – July 2019

TheBayNet – July 2019

LexLeader – January 2020

Southern Maryland Chronicle – April 2021

Southern Maryland News – June 2021


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